Gloom Bringer Beast

The name "Gloom Bringers" was created by Daniel Lim in the naming contest on 26 Mar 2012.

The gloom bringer beasts are a rare type of large spiders. They are usually found guarding the spider eggs. Like gloom bringer minions, they start off slowly and would speed up to bite a player but the gloom bringer beasts are not as fast as the gloom bringer minions. The gloom bringer beasts' bites are poisonous and highly damaging.

A gloom bringer beast does not drop anything.

In coop multiplayer, a gloom bringer beast has a base score of 30.

A gloom bringer beast biting the player
Tactics against Gloom Bringer Beasts

Unlike gloom bringer minions, gloom bringer beasts are large targets such that aiming is not a concern. Rather, these gloom bringer beasts can deal quite some damage and one should never stand still but stay at a distance from them. One may use a crossbow or a shotgun to take them out one by one or use a flamer because the gloom bringer minions would usually come around with the gloom bringer beasts.


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