The currency in Bullet Time are divided into two types: silver and crystals. They are used in the store to purchase weapons, add-ons, armor, hats and boosts. Both currencies can be obtained in-game or through in-app purchases.

Silver and crystals are the two types of currency in Bullet Time
Types of Currencies


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Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
You know what Bullet Time is? It's a freemium game, not a free game. If you need more crystals, you should buy them and support the developer.
|TEXAS*KILLA| 12 years ago
You know what kiloogames should do on the next update. If we can convert silver into crystals. That way if you have a lot of silver and don't know what to buy you can just convert it to crystals.
SUPER*BEAST 12 years ago
Spend but load of time playing in cop mode and I would buy what I currently have because that is what I think gives you the most advantage in cop mode if you want to get crystals and survive the waves, also lvl matters because the higher it is, the more health you have and by playing a lot you will also learn new skills by watching other players better than you.
Leg1tiz3n 12 years ago
Any ideas on how to get crystal without spending a butt load of money? and once i have a lot of crystals, what to buy for the ultimate class?
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