Silver is a commonly found currency in Bullet Time and can be used to purchase many items in the game. Usually the low tier gear can be purchased with silver.

Silver can be obtained from the loots most mutants drop and is often found in common chests. Completing quests may also reward a player with silver. In hard and hell modes, the amount of silver obtained in-game is higher. As a player levels up, he would get some silver. Playing free-for-all deathmatch with random players would also reward a player with some silver depending on the player's rank in the game.

Every day one launches the Bullet Time app, he would obtain some silver from the daily reward. In the earn currency section, one can watch a sponsored video to obtain silver. One can also obtain silver through in-app purchases.

Collecting silver
Grinding for Silver

If you plan on grinding, you can go through the campaign chapters in hell mode as it is the most efficient way to get currencies. Playing coop multiplayer and reaching later waves would also yield a lot of silver. And if you are desperately in need of silver, keep on watching the sponsored videos over and over again.


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