Player Level

Bullet Time is a role playing game where players can level up by gaining experience points killing mutants and completing quests. The experience points one has before the next level are displayed on the left side of the hero health bar. The experience points required to level up follows an exponential growth. As players level up, they receive 1 crystal, some silver and a permanent health point increase. Some items in the store require a certain player level to be unlocked. The maximum player level is 80.

Player level 36 (experience points shown on the left)

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Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
Well it is hard to tell. My character's health points increased by 30 when he reached level 53.
Hydradon 12 years ago
How much health increase when leveling up exactly?

I'm at level 35 now and leveling up feels like forever :-<

anw, the max level now is 70 :)
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