The mutants, or the mutated beasts, are the monsters who bring in lots of destruction in the world of Bullet Time. They are the main enemies in the game. Bullet Time describes a post-apocalyptic world where a few human survivors struggle against the mutants, among which John Irish, the main protagonist, fights hard against the mutants to reclaim his family.

There are several types of mutants in the game, with 3 levels for each of them. Some stronger mutants, like the mutant champions and the chapter bosses, can be found throughout the game. Killing a mutant would give the player experience points while the mutant may or may not drop loot.

In coop you will get a chance to come across each mutant type, with increasing difficulty progressing through wave 1 to 21.

Being chased by mutants

Types of Mutants

There are altogether 13 types of mutants. The following list provides some basic information about the different mutants. Click on them for details.


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BloodyNacho 9 years ago
Should I buy harbinger or Prometheus for survival
Meetfighter1 9 years ago
And btw, there's been no conversation s lately have u guys given up on this site?
Meetfighter1 9 years ago
I just wanted to ask for the fastest way to lvl up, I'm lvl 70 and I need to get to the max lvl quick, any suggestions ?
SUPER*BEAST 12 years ago
Thax for the advice.
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
This happens a lot to me too. Try resetting your connection by turning airplane mode or WiFi on and off. Some also suggests turning on airplane mode and use only WiFi to ensure stable connectivity during the game. Joining a game is sometimes a challenge and all parties to the game should be patient waiting for others to get in the game. It once took me almost 10 minutes to get 3 people connected. If you cannot find anyone to play with in a random lobby, you should send invites to people you know who are available to play.
SUPER*BEAST 12 years ago
Hey how come no one can join my games when I send invitations and I can't join theirs when they do? And I also literally waited a whole hour to play with someone in coop mode and no one is on.
SUPER*BEAST 12 years ago
Heck yea!, today I completed all 21 waves by myself and got a score of 14569661!!! Now I just have to wait for it to show up, it usually takes about a week to, but somtimes it doesn't even appeare so I took a snapshot, those of you who are my friends in game center can see my profile picture to prove it.
SUPER*BEAST 12 years ago
Ok thax.
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
Haven't heard of any news of an update from the developer. They are probably busy with Subway Surfers at the moment.
SUPER*BEAST 12 years ago
When is the next updated?, cus I aready have everything I want from the store and I aready bought everything you can buy with silver, have all the white colored wepons and half of the orange ones.
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