Contaminators are some large mutants that spread diseases and have a couple of special abilities. They attack in two ways: releasing toxic gases (spray attack) and throwing kamikaze-caterpillars. They release the toxic gases carried on their back to slow players while inflicting damage. Contaminators, wasps and spiders are some of the mutants that uses poisonous attacks. Contaminators also throw balls of infestations that grow into kamikaze-caterpillars and attack people.

A contaminator may drop silver and crystals.

In coop multiplayer, a contaminator has a base score of 100 and the contaminator champion has a score of 400.

A contaminator's spray attack (bottom right: kamikaze-caterpillar)
Tactics against Contaminators

The contaminators never come alone because there will always be kamikaze-caterpillars around. One way to deal with them is to take out the kamikaze-caterpillars as they come close then attack the contaminators at a distance. Another way (in campaign only) is to allow the kamikaze-caterpillars to attack you (given that you have high health and defense) and spend the whole time hitting the contaminators. Coming close to them is not wise since being slowed down poses a threat of being attacked by other mutants like the lurkers. Thus it is desirable to use long-ranged weapons. An exception of which is when there is only one contaminator with no other mutants nearby. You can stand between its two arms without getting hit by the toxic gases. In coop multiplayer, contaminators are among the firsts to be dealt with because of their annoying spray attacks and kamikaze-caterpillars.


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