Lurkers are some fast-moving underground mutants who emerge from the ground as they come close to the player and attack with their claws. They move faster underground than when they are exposed. Furthermore, one may not attack a lurker when it remains underground. Lurkers can move underground only if the land is sandy or muddy. They would expose themselves when they hit bitumen, pipes, bridges and sometimes metal plates. Lurkers move fast and dealt a great damage on players and are one of the few mutants that are particularly dangerous.

A lurker may drop silver and speed boost.

In coop multiplayer, a lurker has a base score of 28 and the lurker champion has a score of 330.

Confronting a lurker (left: dead lurker, center: wasp)
Tactics against Lurkers

Lurkers approach players underground and chase them quickly. They should always be dealt with first to avoid receiving too much damage. Since lurkers have high damage, one should try to avoid their attack as much as possible by running and gunning. Pistols and rifles are less effective against lurkers. You can use a crossbow, or a shotgun with poison add-ons, to take out several lurkers that come close together. You can also slow them down with an RPG or a flamer with poison add-ons attached. Running and gunning to deal with lurkers first even in the presence of dark shamans is made possible by the fact that lurkers run much faster than the shamans can follow.

Chased by lurkers

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