Not to be confused with Chest Armor.

The armor pieces the character puts on are divided into three main types: the masks, the chest armor and the legs. The armor improves a character's health, defense, critical chance and speed. The armor can be purchased with silver and crystals. Some armor pieces require a certain player level to be unlocked. The best armor pieces can be bought with crystals only and do not require a minimum player level.

Each armor piece has its own stat for health, defense, critical chance and speed. As with weapons, the armor pieces uses the same color scheme to indicate the tier they belong to: those with names in orange are of the highest tier, followed by those in purple, blue, green and white (default).

Hats are a unique class of armor in that each piece comes with a single distinct stat for defense, critical chance or speed.

The character screen showing the hat and armor

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SUPER*BEAST 11 years ago
Oh we'll, I really wanted new add ons and armor but at least I got to #13 on the leader boards just by myself!!
Bravo Two Admin 11 years ago
I think this game is considered completed and I am afraid there will not be future updates.
SUPER*BEAST 11 years ago
When is the next update?!!, I have been lvl 70 for 5 moths now!!!
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
You will need something with high health and defense but I guess you don't have many crystals at this time. The chest armor gives you bigger boost in health and defense, so pick the best one you can afford with silver. Save the crystals for better weapons. You will eventually have to learn to evade the attacks from the mutants though.
Nerd master 12 years ago
What is the best set of armour for someone at level 15 who likes to play as a tank sort of character.
|TEXAS*KILLA| 12 years ago
Ok thanks
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
One of the major objectives besides survival in coop is to go for a high score. To achieve that, you have to maintain a high team multiplier by not getting hit. And since you are trying not to get hit in the first place, there is no need for an increase in health or defense. Try practicing a perfect run in coop and you will understand why you don't have to worry too much about health.
|TEXAS*KILLA| 12 years ago
And what about my health it will go down a lot
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
Yes if you plan to run and gun in coop multiplayer.
|TEXAS*KILLA| 12 years ago
Should I buy dust devil armor
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