The weapons in Bullet Time are the primary means of attacking the mutants. Weapons can be bought in the store with silver or crystals. To access the store, swipe right on the main menu until you see the buy weapons page. Some weapons are unlocked only when the player reaches a certain level. Usually the best weapons can only be bought with crystals and these weapons do not require a minimum player level.

Each weapon has its own base stats regarding its damage ability and critical chance. The damage stat refers to the damage output per second given by the weapon. Different weapons also have different number of slots for add-ons to improve their ability. Better weapons have higher damage and critical chance and more slots for add-ons. A color scheme is used to indicate the weapon tier. A weapon with its name in orange is of the highest tier, followed by those in purple, blue, green and white (default).

In Bullet Time, any players have infinite ammo and they do not have to buy it separately. Although there is no concern for ammo conservation, the character would slow down to aim while shooting. Even for guns that require quite some time to reload, holding down the shoot button would keep the character in slow motion. This issue leads to the view of running and gunning with certain types of weapon.

The Predator rifle as the primary weapon
Classes of Weapons

There are 7 different classes of weapons in Bullet Time, each with its own characteristics. Pistols, rifles and shotguns are classified into a broader group called guns.


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Meetfighter1 9 years ago
I prefer harbinger and apollon for , run and gunning , and if anyone is interested in finishing these 21 waves add me on gamecenter and we can play
fastlololi 9 years ago
I am aiming to solo 21 waves and I keep getting stuck at wave 20 when there are 15+ contaminators. what is the best weapon to deal with heaps of contaminators. which is most effective out of harbiginer, promethus, gojila, appolon and Cyclops. and do anyone have a suggestion for what add ons for harbiginer
Bravo Two Admin 10 years ago
The key to surviving is not strong armor, but the ability to dodge the enemies' fire. Never let them get too close to you. You should learn to run and gun properly so that the mutants are always following you at a distance, and you can pick them off with the Apollon. Never run into the mutants, instead run away from them. The Dust Devil Armor and Pants let you run at the maximum speed. A good secondary would be a shotgun, an RPG or a flamer for crowd control. Don't use fire coating on the crossbow. You want quick kills with the crossbow, not damage over time, or you will risk the mutants getting healed by the dark shamans. Use power or heatseeker on the crossbow and poison on your crowd control weapon.
Moka 10 years ago
Apollon is pretty strong. Just now i join in a coop with another player who has paladin armour and a scorpion. Both of us managed to survive to wave 20 until i quited to go to sleep. If not maybe we can finish all the waves..quite a nice weapon:) but the fire coating seems useless.
Moka 10 years ago
Level 29, and after thousand times of grinding chapter 2 normal mode, i bought apollon. Wonder is this a wise choice. What should i buy next? I plan to grind silver for scorpion and spend crystals for paladin armour. Is this idea good? And for the add ons i put damage20,slow25 and fire9. I hope i can get fire 36. Is this combination ok?
Tonydang1992 11 years ago
How do i ummm invite friends to my coop multiplayer games
Bravo Two Admin 11 years ago
Save for Harbinger. A new update is also coming so you can even wait longer, but there is no guarantee that new weapons will be available in the update.
fastlololi 11 years ago
I have a nine-inch now. Is it wiser to buy behemoth now or save for harbinger.
Psychoblue2 11 years ago
Thanks admin.
Bravo Two Admin 11 years ago
Try resetting your connection by turning Wi-Fi off and on, or renew lease. If you know the other players and can communicate with them, tell them to do the same. This issue is very common and most of the time resetting the connection would work. You may also wish to put airplane mode on and then turn on Wi-Fi to ensure a more stable connection.
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