The add-ons allow one to customize their weapons. Add-ons may improve the stat of the weapons or give them additional capabilities. The number of add-ons that can be attached to a weapon depends on the number of slots available on individual guns. The add-ons can be bought with silver or crystals.

The add-ons fit on all weapons and one may attach more of the same type of add-on to the same weapon. Once bought, an add-on can be used on all weapons owned but each add-on can be used once on a per-weapon basis. For example, if you have a Power II add-on, you can use it on both your Stinger (a rifle) and Hangman (a shotgun) but you may not use it twice on the same weapon even though they both have two slots. However, if you also have Power I add-on, you can use both Power I and II on the same weapon.

The Shredder crossbow with Power III add-on, Poison III add-on and Fire Coating III add-on as the secondary weapon
Classes of Add-ons

There are 6 different classes of add-ons in Bullet Time.


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Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
You can use Heatseeker Add-ons and Power Add-ons to increase damage of the Nine-Inch. For the Behemoth, it is good to make use of its splash damage and apply Poison Add-ons to slow down groups of mutants.
TanFon 12 years ago
What add-on that I should use with nine inch and behemoth?
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