Boosts are items that can be used in-game to temporarily improve one's ability, heal or hit enemies nearby. Boosts can be purchased with silver or crystals both in the store and in the pause menu. To access the boost system, hold down the boost button to bring up a menu for selection. The number of boosts one has is indicated with a number below the icon. If the player has more than 99 of one type of boosts, it would be labelled as 99+ in the selection menu but the actual figure would still be shown if one accesses the store or presses the restock button in the pause menu.

Boost selection menu
To use a boost, simply tap on the boost button. After using any one of the boosts, one has to wait for a few seconds before another boost can be applied, no matter which type of boosts was used.

Since selecting a boost takes time, to provide quick access in case of emergency, one should select a safe class of boosts like the medipack (to heal) or the speed boost (to escape) and switch out to other boosts only when they are needed.

Types of Boosts

There are 5 types of boosts in Bullet Time.


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Bravo Two Admin 11 years ago
Probably doubled, although there is no official word on that.
fastlololi 11 years ago
Anyone knows the increase of speed in percentage after using speed boost?
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