Crystal is a rare currency in the game. Most top-tier gear can only be bought with crystals.

Crystals may be obtained from the loot dropped by drill-mechs, contaminators and crocodylians. Very rarely, one may find a crystal in the common chests throughout the campaign maps but one would always find crystals in the common chests near the chapter bosses. A secret chest would reward a player with crystals although they can only be opened once. Every time a player levels up, he receives 1 crystal.

Everyday you are online, you may complete a daily quest to obtain crystals.

In the earn currency section, one can earn free crystals by tapping on the list of tasks. One can also obtain crystals through in-app purchases.

A piece of crystal
Grinding for Crystals

If you want to grind for crystals, you can go through the campaign chapter 2 in hell mode as there quite a number of mutants dropping crystals. Playing chapter 3 even in normal mode may sometimes give you a handful of crystals, especially in Part III and IV. Playing coop multiplayer would also yield some crystals. If you can survive to wave 19 and 20, you will find the crocodylians and the contaminators dropping a lot of crystals.

A round summary of coop multiplayer

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