The name was created by Tony Crols in the naming contest on 22 Mar 2012.

The crocodylians are a kind of two-headed mutant that carry a tank of oil on their backs and attack with fire coming out of their mouths. These high health, slow-moving monsters use fire attack, and the victim would burn for a while, taking damage over time. They approach people until they are in range and attack with their flames. When a crocodylian is fatally damaged, its oil tank would explode, resulting in a self-destruction.

A crocodylian may drop silver and crystals.

In coop multiplayer, a crocodylian has a base score of 104 and the crocodylian champion has a score of 660.

A crocodylian ready to explode with the person burning
Tactics against Crocodylians

Crocodylians have high health and cannot be taken out easily. Try not to run too close to the crocodylians or you may get burnt by its flames. Running and gunning is perfect against them since they run kind of slow and may not catch up with you to burn you with their flames. A long-ranged weapon like the crossbow would serve this purpose. When the crocodylians are close to death, they drop loot but try not to reach out for that immediately or you would get badly damaged by their explosion. Some suggests that one can continuously shoot a crocodylian without taking any fire damage by standing very close to it (almost right on it) in between its two heads.

In coop multiplayer, it is good to use damage boosts to speed up the process of killing crocodylians. When you see a crocodylian ahead, just move straight on and run across it between its two heads. You will not get hit by its flames when you do so.


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