Run and Gun

Running and gunning is a very important and effective technique against large groups of strong mutants, especially in coop multiplayer where one can run around the circular track. Doing so allows one to inflict damage on the enemies while reducing the chances of getting hit, saving the trouble consuming the medipacks too rapidly or being knocked down too often. This is also useful in keeping the team multiplier high.

Certain classes of weapons are "built" for running and gunning: the RPGs and the crossbows. These weapons require quite some time to reload but each shot is highly damaging. Other high-fire-rate weapons require a player to keep aiming and shooting, slowing down the speed of movement, making him an easy target for the enemies. If you use the shotgun which has a lower effective range, be careful not to get hit by the enemy fire.

To run and gun, one should keep running in one direction and shoot the mutants behind you. That is, run away from the enemies and shoot backwards. The RPGs and crossbows take time to reload but one can run and reload at the same time. So after shooting, release the right stick to run for a while and wait until the gun is ready for another shot. If you can repeat this process and aim quickly, you can be shooting and moving virtually at the speed of running.

Run and gun a lurker champion
While you run and gun, keep an eye on the enemy indicators (red triangles). They serve as a very good signal as to where you and your team should go. Make sure you pick a side where no mutants are in front of you. You do not want to bump into a group of mutants and take unnecessary damages. When you have taken out some mutants in the process, some other mutants would spawn from different doors on the sides. Pay attention to the red triangles to see if there are enemies ahead of you. If so, put a few bullets on them to clear the path so that you and your teammates can run and gun safely. In case there are a lot of mutants spawning from different sides of the map, choose the path with fewer mutants ahead and get your shockwave or speed boost ready. Use one when it comes to the point that you almost get surrounded, then quickly escape from the spot and resume running and gunning.

When running in circles, make sure to 'hug the wall', except when you reach the archway on the left side. But the bigger and more fluid a path you choose, the better your chances will become.

The Run

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hwastrike 12 years ago
This tactic is absolutely essential for anyone attempting a run at a decent ladder ranking. Some players remain still while gunning in early levels and allow themselves to be hit, but this destroys any chance to build up their multiplier for the more challenging waves.
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