Coop Multiplayer

The coop multiplayer (survival mode) is a type of online game mode that allows a maximum of 3 players to get together and fight against waves and waves of mutants. One can play with random players worldwide or with their Game Center friends. One may also do it solo by tapping "join friends", "new game" and then "start now".

The coop multiplayer features a scoreboard to allow players to compare with each other. The players can score when they kill a mutant and the score can be greatly increased by having a high team multiplier.

Solo Run at Wave 19
The mutants drop loot as usual but every player in coop multiplayer receives the same amount of silver, crystals and boosts so they do not have to compete with each other for the loot.

There are altogether 21 waves in coop multiplayer and mutants of all levels of difficulty are present. Some mutant champions may also appear at the end of a wave. The coop maps generally consist of a wide circular track with mutant spawn points on the sides. This type of game mode requires a lot of cooperation and skills, as well as good gear. If one can survive till the later waves of the game, they can earn a lot of silver and crystals.

There are a few waves where a particular type of mutant is featured. Wave 5 features wasps, wave 10 features melee mutants, while waves 15 to 21 feature (in order) ranged mutants, spiders, artillery mutants, crocodylians, contaminators and drill-mechs.

To survive in coop multiplayer, make sure to know how to run and gun because this is essential in the later waves of the game. Heal yourself and your teammates so as to reduce the need of reviving. Watch out for multiple shamans. They can be very tricky.

Playing coop multiplayer
General Coop Tactics

Remember to keep moving, someone standing and firing is sitting duck, and doomed to be swarmed. Having high health and defense can save you, but it is far better never to get hit.

There is a general set of rules for each type of mutants, but they all have one thing in common - do not lay your guard down simply because you believe that you are safe. That is when the mutants would catch you by surprise.

Always focus on wasps first. There can be 20 or more lurkers following you, but if you get hit by that wasp, it is all for naught, ruining your team multiplier.

In the later waves, when you kill a mutant, it is likely to be replaced by another one from a random doorway. If the mutant should emerge somewhere in front of you, pay attention to that specific mutant blocking your path, before you fire into the throng behind you again.

When you see mutants entering from multiple directions at the same time, and you can foresee that you may get swarmed, it is time to plan your escape. Do not try to fire into their midst and risk getting swarmed. Find the path with the least number of mutants that block your path, and keep running until all the mutants are far behind you.

If unfortunately you get swarmed, there are still a couple of ways to survive. Since the multiplier decreases for every hit you take, it is best to use shockwaves or speed boosts to run away from the mutants. Using a lot of defense boosts or medipacks to stay alive within the group mutants is never a good way to play as score is concerned.

Coop Weapon Choice

It is good to have one of your weapons tailored for crowd control. This can be any weapon with an area of effect, like crossbows, flamers or RPGs, with lot of poison add-ons attached. You can make the most of it by saving your buddies who are about to get swarmed, and slowing down the contaminators and other mutants to get them out of their reach.

Using weapons with an area of effect can also increase the pace of the game significantly, reducing the time needed to complete the coop multiplayer. One example of such usage is to rush doors when the mutants spawn from the sides, effectively eliminating a large number of mutants before they can start their attack.

Coop Multiplayer Score

Each time you and your teammates kill a mutant, your team would receive a score based on the type of the mutant, the level of the mutant and the team multiplier. The following lists the base scores of different mutants, which are the scores of level 1 mutants. Level 2 and level 3 mutants are worth 2 times and 4 times of the base score respectively. The mutant champions have their own set of scores. A score analysis which involves a total mutant count (download spreadsheet) reveals that the perfect score (theoretical maximum) of coop multiplayer is 14,586,513.


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grjmmr72 10 years ago
The gojira with extra damage works mostly, if mutants line up, or spiders or wasps show, Prometheus will burn and light them up. Getting level ups after 25 is tougher. Paladin armor is cool but needs options for customization(color). One of the best games, if you can find a team mate!
Moka 10 years ago
So the last comment was 2 years wonder i cant find anyone in coop multiplayer lobby.
Superliubr 12 years ago
Menipo :D
Menipo 12 years ago
Soulmateko: If you are still interested in surviving the 21 waves, send me a Game Center request of friendship (my Game Center ID is "Menipo") and this coming weekend I will send you an invite and will complete the coop-multiplayer 21 waves together.
soulmateko 12 years ago
Can anyone help me survie all waves of coop survival mode? :) My gamecenter id is soulmateko
Mowglithemaniac Admin 12 years ago
Well for starters, you can simply try to 'invite me' into a coop game, but I recommend checking the message system, here on this site, as I know an awfull lot about the in game tactics, should you require some help.
SUPER*BEAST 12 years ago
Hey Mowglithmaniac, how can I talk to you to know when to play?
SUPER*BEAST 12 years ago
Thank u because a am used to killing every boss in coop mode thinking that I would get the experience.
Mowglithemaniac Admin 12 years ago
Yes, every player receives the same amount of experience, but not all players are the same level, and will thus require a different amount of xp, than you, in order to rank up.
SUPER*BEAST 12 years ago
I get that every player gets the same amount of crystals and silver but does every player get the same amount of expirience?
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