Heal Teammates

What differentiates a good player from a bad player in coop multiplayer is whether or not he or she uses the medipack. Coop multiplayer is a place for cooperation and you need to heal yourself and your teammates. If one is selfish enough not to heal himself even when his own health gets low and waits for his teammates to revive him, he is not a good team player.

Even if you do not have good guns and armor, pack yourself with a lot of medipacks before you go on a coop session because you can be a team player simply by healing your teammates. The medipack is the only boost that has an effect on all players in the field. Keep an eye on your own health and your teammate's health, and help yourself and your teammates out with a tap on the heal boost. This is a boost that is worth the silver you earn. Try not to be selfish. If you can heal your teammates, you may survive to the later waves of the coop multiplayer and you can earn a lot more silver than you would have spent on the medipacks.

Healing teammates
Healing your teammates is important because sometimes the weak players in the field would get knocked out easily and the strong players may want to boost their weapons with the damage boosts. So if one or two players are doing the healing, the others can focus on things that are necessary to bring the team to the next wave.

Since the medipacks heals half the total health points of the respective players, using 2 medipacks together would bring the whole team to full health. If you observe that your teammate's health or your own health drops just below half, use a medipack. After you revive a teammate, if you notice that the revived teammate does not use his medipack (a non-team player), use your own to boost him to full health so that he would not keep getting knocked down over and over again.

The Tale of a Coop Noob

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Drummerboycroy 12 years ago
Ouch. lol
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
Well, he died 50 times in a single game.
Drummerboycroy 12 years ago
Sorry for not being clear, the video quality was great, it was watching the same player falling over and over and over and over and over... Well, you get the picture. lol
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
Well the game was kind of laggy, but I hope the message is clear.
Drummerboycroy 12 years ago
OK, first, this was hard to watch... And I'm pretty sure I played with one of this guy's friends tonight. lol
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