In coop multiplayer, when a player's health drops to zero, he gets knocked down and "requires medical attention". To revive a teammate, stay close to him and wait until the progress bar fills up. A revived teammate comes with half of his total health points.

Reviving a teammate is not an easy task especailly on later waves. It is selfish not to heal oneself and wait for teammates to rescue. To better get a chance to sucessfully revive a teammate, run around the map once or twice to keep the mutants away from the downed teammate. When you reach your teammate to revive him, run around in small circles to dodge the mutants' fire, especially the artillery mutants'. If you have an RPG, a crossbow or a shotgun with you, you can perform a run and gun and revive to take out mutants that come close (eg. lurkers) while you are trying to revive.

If you get knocked downed, before you get revived, take the time to stock some medipacks in the pause menu and use one immediately after you are revived. This would bring you to full health.

Reviving a downed teammate

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