Artillery Mutant

Artillery mutants are a kind of big mutants that fire medium-ranged explosive projectiles. They are some high-health, slow-moving monsters that fire explosives up in the air one by one. The projectile's aim is shown with a bright red circle. The explosion is highly destructive and damages every player and object within the blast radius.

An artillery mutant may drop silver and defense boosts.

In coop multiplayer, an artillery mutant has a base score of 52 and a artillery mutant champion has a score of 470.

An artillery mutant aiming
Tactics against Artillery Mutants

Although the explosion has a high damage, there is a delay before a projectile lands. Besides, artillery mutants move very slowly. Thus the best tatic against them is to run and gun. Even in a group of high level artillery mutants who fire rapidly in coop multiplayer, a person can run around in a cirlce and shoot and avoid all damages.

Running away from artillery mutants' fire

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