Mutant Champion

Not to be confused with Chapter Bosses.

Mutant champion, or mutant chief, is a stronger mutant that dwells in its own little area and can be found throughout the campaign. It usually hides behind a gate or a barricade. Killing a mutant champion would complete a quest named "Slay the mutant champion", giving you rewards like experience points, silver and boosts. There may be a common chest inside the area as well.

In chapter 3 part III, the last line of defense is made up of a number of different mutant champions. One would also encounter mutant champions in coop multiplayer.

A ranged mutant champion

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Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
You should use a flamer, RPG or shotgun with poison add-ons to slow down the spiders, and wear the heaviest armor you have to maximize your defense, since there is not too much space in that area. The other spiders can be taken out rather easily with the flamer. Just remember to hit the radioactive barrels to slow down the spider champion. This buys you some time to heal yourself when your health gets low.
Hydradon 12 years ago
uhm how do u kill the spider champion on hell difficulty? the area is too narrow to escape its bite and there are lots of other smaller spiders
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
Yeah, I know many of you get stuck on that so I've just uploaded videos on that. Check out Campaign > Chapter 3 or simply watch:
Bangin'Banana67 12 years ago
I'm stuck on the contaminator champion in chapter III on hard mode. It's frustrating and I keep losing my medpacks.. What do I do?
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