Singleplayer Campaign

The singleplayer campaign tells the story of John Irish in a post-apocalyptic world ruined by some mutated beasts and only a few human beings could survive. It starts off with John Irish returning to his destroyed home, only to find that his family is lost to the mutants. He decides to fight back against the mutants. He picks up his pistols, the Outlanders Reliable, and his Leather Jacket, and starts his journey through the wilderness.

In the singleplayer campaign, one would play the role of John Irish and leads him through the 3 campaign chapters. As he progress in the game, he would be completing objectives and quests and face multiple challenges. He may also discover hidden paths and treasures in different parts of the map. One may level up and customize the gear for the character.

There are three levels of difficulty in each of the campaign chapters.

Campaign Chapters

Chapter 1
Black Death
Chapter 2
A Long Goodbye
Chapter 3
The Last Sunset


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