Chapter 1 A Long Goodbye

Chapter 1 continues from the tutorial where John Irish leaves his house and starts he journey through the wilderness. The mutants present in chapter 1 includes the melee mutants, ranged mutants, artillery mutants, lurkers, wasps, dark shamans and drill-mechs.

Part I: On the Trail

John Irish starts from the medical camp and reaches a spot blocked by an old gate. He finds a generator to open it and finds a common chest. He moves through some barricades and battles with some melee mutants and ranged mutants on the way and reaches a mutant camp. After surviving the camp, he moves on to destroy the mutant supplies stacked throughout the city. He run on top of some containers and finds a secret chest while he is dealing with the mutants and their supplies. After that he moves through the forest and arrives at the Rack's Gun Shop.

Part II: Tremors

John continues through the forest (the Lurker Forest). After killing a artillery mutant, he finds some poisonous infestations in the area and decided to get rid of them. On his way, he faced many lurkers and wasps and discovered a cemetery. Many people were killed when the mutants bring in the destructions to the world. While in the forest, he kills a mutant champion and finds a path to a secret chest. After he leaves the forest, he deals with another mutant chief. He passes through another cemetery and makes his way to a generator guarded by a dark shaman and some other mutants and opens a gate and runs to the Rack's Gun Shop.

A cemetery
Part III: The Crossing

John tries hard to cross a bridge (A Bridge Too Far) that leads deeper into the mutant infested area. On his way, he battles against some melee mutants, ranged mutants, artillery mutants and dark shamans. When he reaches the hostile area, he moves on to a high ground to find a generator to open a gate. He moves past the Rack's Gun Shop and fights against a lot of mutants along the destroyed road, among them a drill-mech. He also kills a mutant champion and finds his way to the Rack's Gun Shop.

Part IV: Belly of the Beast

John battles hard in a mutant camp full of melee mutants, ranged mutants and artillery mutants. He finds a path through the rubble that leads to a secret chests within the camp. After killing two drill-mechs, he escapes from the camp and moves on to destroy the mutant supplies around the city. There, he tears down a wall to enter the mutant fortress. After taking down some mutants, he enters a gate (the Gate to Hell) which says "stay out" and as a revenge for his wife and daughter, he fights hard with the chapter 1 boss, who tries to take John out with his two large machine guns.


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