Drill-Mechs are some giant mutants that carry a big drill on their head. They can attack by punching (when they are close enough to the players) and drilling the ground, called the shockwave attack (when they are at a distance from the player). Drill-Mechs have high health and can shield much of the attack coming from the front, making it one of the toughest mutants to deal with. However, drill-mechs move very slowly and are "extremely vulnerable in the back".

The drill-mech may drop silver, crystals and shockwaves.

In coop multiplayer, a drill-mech has a base score of 100 and the drill-mech champion has a score of 2660.

A drill-mech's shockwave attack
Tactics against Drill-Mechs

A common way to deal with drill-mechs is to follow the rules and attack them in the back. The damage dealt to the drill-mechs is much higher when it is in the back than when it is at the front and it sounds different too. The question here is how to arrive at their back safely. First, do not come too close to the drill-mechs or they would give you powerful punches. Second, run away in front of them but do not get too far to keep a certain distance so that drill-mechs would think that they can hit you with their shockwave attacks. Third, when they start the drilling, go around it and run to their back. Fourth, do whatever is necessary while the drill-mech is recharging after the drilling. A high-damage weapon like the crossbow is recommended in this situation as you do not have much time to do the attack before the drill-mechs turn onto you again. Repeat this process until it is done.

Shooting drill-mechs from behind in coop multiplayer with a critical hit
In coop multiplayer, drill-mechs are usually among the last ones to be attacked with owning to their high health and slow speed. There are more immediate dangers to be dealt with and one can allow the drill-mechs to stroll around the area by themselves. When it really comes to the time of hitting them, one may follow the tactic suggested above but that is meant to be employed in a 1v1 situation. A better way to deal with the drill-mechs is to cooperate with your teammates. A drill-mech usually follows one target and approaches it, ignoring any other players around them. So one can stay behind a drill-mech and keep shooting at it while it is following another player. A drill-mech usually chooses the player that is the closest to it when it finishes the recharging as the target.

Remember to keep your distance from the drill-mechs at all times. Do not just stand at their back and expect them to take a long time to turn around. They can be very fast when it comes to that, so keep your distance.

Some suggests that you can use a speed boost and dash through them when all the drill-mechs are ready for a shockwave attack. You will not get hit this way and can easily reach the back of a group of drill-mechs. You will see them all launching shockwave attacks at the same time and then wait to recharge, buying you some time to attack them from behind. Although this process requires a repeated use of speed boosts, this can greatly reduce the time to finish off a number of drill-mechs, making it more efficient to do wave 20 and 21 of coop multiplayer.


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Nerd master 12 years ago
they look so cool in Hard mode
Nerd master 12 years ago
I managed to take down one of these by shooting it in the face with the starter pistels(in half an hour)
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