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This is a fan-made guide to the game Bullet Time HD. With this unofficial guide to Bullet Time HD, you can find every piece of information you need to work your way through hordes of mutants in campaigns and coop multiplayer. In addition, you can share your Game Center nickname and game information to meet new friends for online gameplay.

About the authors

I have played quite a few games on the iOS platform, but nothing could compare to Bullet Time HD - you really have to appreciate the developers' efforts in producing such a great game. The graphics, the storyline and the gameplay all blend together to form an excellent gaming experience.

Before writing this guide, just like most of you, I tried to look up more information about the game on the Internet. It is rare to find a non-trivial game on the iOS platform that deserves a guide to it. Bullet Time HD is one of them. But there was hardly any guide at that time and I figured out that many people would like to know more about this game. So having played this for some time, I decided to write my own guide for it.

Daniel Silbermann
Editor, Game Center Nickname: Mowglithemaniac

I have been playing games since IBM was at the prime of techonology, over the last couple of years I have been helping out as a moderator for Xgenstudios, under the assumed name 'Boldur'. Having tried numerous games on multiple platforms, i've come to realize, that most aren't worth talking about.

Comments from the developer

"I stumbled across it while scouting the forums and immediately took interest due to the sheer volume of information. I must say that this is amazing and impressive work and we are truly honored by your dedication."
Jeppe Bisbjerg, Producer, Kiloo Games

"WOW! Fan-made massive & comprehensive guide for Bullet Time - Contain details that even I didn't know :-) Great work"
Jacob Møller, CEO, Kiloo

"I love reading this, so much info - awesome fan stuff is awesome!"
Simon Møller, CCO, Kiloo

About the game

"Bullet Time takes place in a depraved, distant future. Society has crumbled and only a few human survivors are living scattered throughout the wilderness. The roads have withered away and all that remains of civilized cities are haunted by a vicious breed of mutated beasts.

John Irish is one of these survivors, trying to create a better future for his family. The story starts as he returns home to find his wife and daughter missing and his property burned to the ground. The search begins!"

Bullet Time HD is a dual-stick third person shooter game by Kiloo Games that describes a post-apocalyptic world where a few human survivors have to battle against lots of mutated monsters that ruin the world. Check out on the App Store or Blackberry AppWorld for more.

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