Ranged Mutant

The ranged mutants are a common type of mutants that shoot from a distance. They have higher health points than melee mutants but their shots are of poorer damage. They approach the player until they are in the shooting range and stop running to shoot. Their aim is not perfect, meaning that the player would not get hit every time they shoot even if the player is standing still. The player would get hit more easily if they are closer to the ranged mutants.

A ranged mutant may drop silver and damage boosts.

In coop multiplayer, a ranged mutant has a base score of 18 and the ranged mutant champion has a score of 300.

Ranged mutants attacking
Tactics against Ranged Mutants

Many players try to dodge the shots from ranged mutants while continuing to attack them. This tactic is intuitive and is fine for singleplayer. But in coop multiplayer, it is not uncommon to see groups of ranged mutants lining up to shoot the player. It is especially hard to dodge their shots in this situation and the team multiplier could be reduced significantly. Some players may fire an RPG at them as soon as they start to come out of the doorway while some would try to run to to either end of the line of ranged mutants and use a crossbow take them all out in a few shots. Since the ranged mutants tend to aim at your position when they shoot, you may be able to avoid all shots if you keep on moving in a single direction.


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