The name was created by Quincy Jones in the naming contest on 13 Mar 2012.

Tex, the chapter 1 boss at the end of Part IV: Belly of the Beast of chapter 1, is a giant ranged mutant with machine guns on both hands. After entering the gate, one would find him staying behind some destructible wooden fences and shooting like mad. Tex does not move around and does not always aim at the player. He may shoot around the area left and right and would damage and destroy the wooden fences. When his health gets low, some melee mutants and ranged mutants would come out to help him. Note that one may not go beyond the fences when the boss is still alive and one may not damage the boss during its evil laughter.

Tex, the chapter 1 boss
Tactics against Tex

It is important to take cover when he is shooting at you but the wooden fences cannot last long. One can try to shoot the boss in between the fences and dodge behind different fences. If you shoot at the fences, you will destroy them as well, leaving a wide open area where the boss can shoot at you. When his health gets low, the melee mutants and ranged mutants would keep coming but one should keep on shooting at the boss because the mutants would come into one's line of fire and get killed.


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