Chapter 3 The Last Sunset

Chapter 3 is the last chapter of the singleplayer campaign of Bullet Time and continues from the last part of chapter 2 where John Irish travels on a boat towards a lighthouse. The mutants present in chapter 3 includes the melee mutants, ranged mutants, artillery mutants, lurkers, dark shamans, drill-mechs, contaminators, kamikaze-caterpillars, crocodylians, gloom bringer minions, gloom bringer beasts and gloom bringer shooters.

Part I: To the Lighthouse

John Irish travels through the ocean of oil and and lands on a beach where the lighthouse is on. He moves on to higher grounds through a mutant camp and finds a village infested with mutants. He discovers a secret chest in the village and cleans up the area before he goes into the mountains, following a sign that reads "Rack's".

Part II: Caught in the Web

In the mountains, John Irish moves on a road but finds the "earth rumbles and trembles". He knows that the lurkers and the lurker champion (video) are coming and takes them out before he enters a spider-infested area, a place that is abandoned even by the mutants. The place is scattered with bodies of melee mutants and a rotten drill-mech just falls in front of him. Gloom bringer minions comes out of the spider eggs and attack him with poisonous bites. He takes out a gloom bringer champion (video) with the help of radioactive barrels and moves on to destroy the spider eggs to stop them from spreading. He then enters a maze-like mushroom forest and furthers his battle with the gloom bringers. He destroys the small eggs guarded by the gloom bringer beasts and the gloom bringer shooters and discovers a secret chest in a corner of the mushroom forest. After leaving the spider-filled place, he finds a wreck of a plane in a valley and hears the "hum of twisted machinery" coming from a drill-mech champion (video), who guards the entrance to a cave. John takes down the drill-mech and goes in.

A rotten drill-mech
Part III: River of Fire

In the cave, John finds broken pieces of land surrounded by lava, inter-connected by pipes, with mushrooms laying around and some giant machines working on the lava. He discovers a secret chest on a broken bridge and kills a contaminator champion (video). He moves deeper and deeper inside the cave and reaches the last line of defense. The melee mutant champions, ranged mutant champions, artillery mutant champion, dark shaman champions and drill-mech campions all come to guard the entrance to the deepest part of the cave. John does not care who or what they are and takes them all out. He hears "the deafening cries of the arch demon" and is determined to go after it.

A giant machine on the lava
Part IV: The End

John Irish discovers a secret chest near the entrance and reaches an octagonal stage where he has a fierce fight with the chapter 3 boss. The final bosses hits the stage hard and makes rocks fall, shouts at John and tries to hammer John to death. After a violent battle, John defeats the boss and frees the world from mutants.


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KWarrior13 11 years ago
oh ok. Thanks. So I guess I am pretty much done with this game. Can't ever find anyone for survival or deathmatch.
Bravo Two Admin 11 years ago
Gojira is not that good, to be honest.
KWarrior13 11 years ago
Never mind...managed to finish that and finally complete all 3 chapters. Done with the game. curious to see how good gojira will be.
KWarrior13 11 years ago
i am dying at the last line of defence in hell mode. any strategy to move get through this? i have the following weapons available: scorpion, cyclops, prometheus and harbinger. i am using cyclops as primary with damage+fire+crit as add ons.
Menipo 12 years ago
Thanks for the explanation. Let's hope that the developers find soon 2 minutes to fix it ...
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
Yes. This bug was discovered just days after the last update. And because of this, no one is able to complete Chapter 3 so far. Kiloo Games are aware of this and will fix it in the next update.
Menipo 12 years ago
I got a problem with the contaminator champion in Part III of Chapter 3 hell mode. Every time I start walking towards it, the program shuts down and I have to reinitiate the game. I am really frustrated because after all pain suffered to get there ... Is it the bug Victoriouz18 refers to?
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
Seems like the developers are busy with the 3 new games this year. It is likely that they will put together all the different bug fixes and submit an update when they have time. But I guess it will be a challenge to kill this contaminator champion in hell mode. What can happen if a single kamikaze-caterpillar can drain half your health points?
victoriouz18 12 years ago
Do you guys have any idea when the new update is coming? I am looking forward to the update thinking they will fix the bug in chapter 3, part 3, hell mode so I can finally finish it.
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