The name was created by Peter K Kristensen in the naming contest on 19 Mar 2012.

Tooth-Ache, the chapter 3 boss at Part IV: The End of Chapter 3, is the final and the biggest ever mutant in the singleplayer campaign. The player would have to enter a bloody octagonal stage where he will be battling against the final boss. The giant boss would come out and surround the stage with its arms once the player reaches the end of the stage. He would attack the player in 3 major ways:

Slamming Down a Fist

Tooth-Ache would slam down hard with his fists on the stage and rocks will fall shortly afterwards. It would be more likely for the boss to attack this way when you stand closer to him. He may attack with his left or right hand, depending on where you stand on the stage. Note that a hit by his fists or arms is fatal. You will die instantly no matter how much health points you have. A few rocks will fall on your position after he hits the stage. Pay attention to the growing shadows of falling rocks to dodge them before they land.

Standing at the back of the stage would allow one to completely avoid being hit by his fists. If you stand close to him, watch out for the arm he raises and move left and right to dodge it. Any person who is under his fists or arms when it hits would be killed.

Slamming his right fist

Tooth-Ache would throw up at the player, expelling undigested foodstuff including bones and limbs. It would be more likely for the boss to attack this way when you stand further away from him. The undigested materials are poisonous and would slow down the player.

When the boss starts to to throw up, quickly move to the sides of the stage and get nearer to the boss (reach the two sides of the stage to the immediate left or right of the boss's head, and stay away from his mouth) to avoid getting hit.

Expelling bones form his mouth
Hitting the Stage

Once in a while, the boss would hit the stage hard with his both hands and cause a lot of stones and rocks to fall on the stage. One should pay attention to the growing shadows of the falling rocks and find ways to dodge them. It is not possible to attack the boss during this time.

Running around the stage in a circle would allow one to avoid the falling stones more easily.

Falling rocks

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Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
Wear heavy armor, use RPG (or crossbow if you like), and stick to the back of the stage to avoid its fists. If it shouts, move to the sides. It's not too difficult if you get the pattern.
Drummerboycroy 12 years ago
How would one gear up to beat this so-and-so on Hard difficulty?
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