Kamikaze-Caterpillars, or Kamikazepillars, are fast-moving small mutants that dash towards people and attack by self-destruction. They can be found in some infestations but more often they are thrown out by the contaminators. Those that hide in the infestations would come out as soon as the infestations are destroyed. A contaminator would throw kamikaze-caterpillars one by one when the player is within a certain distance from it, up to a limit of 2 to 3 of them.

A kamikaze-caterpillar does not drop anything.

In coop multiplayer, a kamikaze-caterpillar has a base score of 0.

A kamikaze-caterpillar (top: contaminator)
Tactics against Kamikaze-Caterpillars

To destroy them, shoot them. These small mutants have low health. It is easier to hit them with a flamer or a shotgun. But it is not easy to outrun them since they run fast. Try to shoot them before they come too close, since their attack has a certain blast radius. But you can also choose to let them explode without hurting you. They will make a short stop before self-destruction, giving you some time to escape from them. For the level 1 caterpillars, you can slow yourself down by hitting the shoot button and to let them self-destruct, while maintaining enough speed to escape from the blast.

In coop multiplayer, kamikaze-caterpillars can easily bring down the team multiplier. One should try to shoot them before they come too close. To prevent the contaminators from throwing a lot of kamikaze-caterpillars, remember to stay as far away from the contaminators as possible. One should run in a bigger circle around the map to avoid the contaminators and give oneself more time to deal with the kamikaze-caterpillars. Using a speed boost also allows you to maintain the distance from the contaminators and escape from the kamikaze-caterpillars before they catch up with you.


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