Chapter 2 Black Death

Chapter 2 continues from the last part of chapter 1 where John Irish kills the boss and has to escape the fortress. The mutants present in chapter 2 includes the melee mutants, ranged mutants, artillery mutants, lurkers, wasps, dark shamans, drill-mechs, contaminators, kamikaze-caterpillars and crocodylians.

Part I: Dark Days

Having killed the boss, John Irish has to escape from the alerted guards of the fortress. Before he escapes, he destroys the mutant armory. After that he finds a pipe that leads north and follows that way. The pipe leads him to some contaminators and he decides to destroy their hives. The contaminators are throwing kamikaze-caterpillars and some kamikaze-caterpillars are found in the infestations around. Afterwards, John discovers a trail of toxic and knows it is just the beginning. He then arrives at the Rack's Gun Shop.

Part II: Excavation

John moves through the terrace and discovers a secret chest. He then kills a large wasp and arrive at an oil drilling rig. There he encounters some crocodylians and drill-mechs. After finishing off with the drill-mechs, he travels deeper into the mountains and arrives at the Racks's Gun Shop.

"Mutants Rule" on a Petrol Corporation container
Part III: A Long Way Down

John travels down a long road to a port and discovers a secret chest around the corner behind a bar. He moves up and down, passes through an abandoned ship of the Petrol Corporation, and carefully walk across the pipes and bridges and finds another secret chest near a drill. After passing through a medical camp, he finally gets to the chapter 2 boss who has a poisonous flamethrower among some oil tanks full of infestations. After some fierce fighting, the boss pulls out its lighter before it dies and ignites the surrounding oil tanks. John jumps out of the area as it explodes and falls into the water. He pulls himself up on a boat and continues his journey in the guide of the lighthouse.


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