Gloom Bringer Shooter

The name "Gloom Bringers" was created by Daniel Lim in the naming contest on 26 Mar 2012.

The gloom bringer shooters are a type of spiders that attacks with shots of venom. They would approach a player and start shooting the poisonous fluid when the player is in range. A player hit with the venom would be slowed down, though it is less damaging than a bite from a gloom bringer minion or a gloom bringer beast.

A gloom bringer shooter drops silver and shockwaves.

In coop multiplayer, a gloom bringer shooter has a base score of 20.

Facing a gloom bringer shooter (bottom: gloom bringer minions)
Tactics against Gloom Bringer Shooters

Gloom bringer shooters are larger targets than gloom bringer minions and can be aimed at easily. One can try to dodge the shots from a gloom bringer shooter the way he does with the shots from a ranged mutant. But one may use a flamer because the gloom bringer minions would usually be around.


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