The pistols in Bullet Time are akimbo weapons (dual-wielding). Thus they have a rate of fire close to that of a rifle. Using pistols allows one to move faster while shooting, increasing the flexibility. However, the range of a pistol fire is rather limited. The default weapon, Outlanders Reliable, the one that John Irish picks up from his destroyed house, is a pistol weapon and a heirloom given to him by his father.

The pistols are some standard, all-purpose weapons that can be used as the primary weapon. Their flexibility makes them very good weapons in campaign. Scorpion, in particular, is an excellent set of pistols even for hell mode chapters.

Shooting with Pistols

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Psychoblue2 11 years ago
I still using silencio and its effective. I wonder how to use scorpion
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
The Mariachi would be a very good piece of all-purpose weapon in campaign and deathmatch with a decent fire rate and flexibility. But it would be better to run and gun with other weapons in coop multiplayer.
Bangin'Banana67 12 years ago
is the maiachi worth it?
Mr.Engineer! 12 years ago
thx for infomation! very nice cuz the gun stats didn't say much about speed.
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
Got a clarification from Jeppe. All weapons give you a slight decrease in movement speed, the decrease is much smaller with the pistols than for example the rifle.

If you consider the movement speed during shooting as:
Movement speed during shooting = reduced move speed while aiming + move speed benefit due to weapon

Then the move speed benefit for pistols is
400% faster than that of rifles
200% faster than that of shotguns
400% faster than that of RPGs
25% faster than that of crossbows
500% faster than that of flamers
800% faster than that of miniguns

That's why the pistols offer you with more flexibility over the other weapons.
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
Thanks Jeppe for the info. The move speed during shooting depends on the type of weapons you are using. Compared to the rifle, for example, the pistols make you 4 times as fast when moving and shooting.
Mr.Engineer! 12 years ago
"Allow player to move faster" how fast?can you test with orther weapon?
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