Chest Armor

The chest armor provides torso protection. It may improve health, defense, critical chance and speed but the chest armor is more capable of improving one's health and defense.

The Dust Devil Armor provides the greatest increase in speed of movement and is beneficial in coop multiplayer for one to run and gun.

Wearing the Death Knight Armor

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TanFon 12 years ago
Thank you very much :-) love you
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
You should go for the Behemoth first. Having a nice weapon is more important than having good armor. You can grind crystals faster with that weapon too.
TanFon 12 years ago
You are right I agree with you thank you so much. But my crystals have a limit. I cant buy armor and Behemoth at the same time I cant decide for a long time that what I should buy. I want to buy every thing. What do you think in my case? Thank you :)
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
In singleplayer campaign, it is better to use a chest armor that comes with high health and defense. But considering the cost, the Dust Devil Armor gives a good balance of improvement that is useful for the coop multiplayer in the long run. You can compensate for the reduced health by leveling up, avoiding hits and using more Medipacks while in the campaign.
TanFon 12 years ago
I have a quesion. I agree that speed is important but I think its depends on situation if I use dust armor it will decrease health and defense it will usefull when play in coop mode but in story mode it will weaker right? So what is the best and worth armor that I should buy? Please suggest me. :-)
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