Speed of movement of a character is the speed at which he runs in the game. It is described in terms of percentage points and has a default value of 100%. Having better armor and using stabilizer add-on allow one to move faster. Using a heavy weapon like the RPG and the minigun, however, would reduce one's speed. While not shown in the speed stat, using pistols allows one to move faster during shooting. A high speed of movement is important for one to run and gun. The speed stat shown on the character screen is calculated as follows:

Speed = Best Weapon + Hat + Mask + Chest Armor + Legs(Best weapon from the two equipped is selected as a result of the weapon's base stat and the add-ons it has)

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Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
Not really. With Stabilizer IV Add-on, War Marshall Cap, Paladin Mask, Dust Devil Armor and Dust Devil Pants, the move speed reaches 121%.
Mr.Engineer! 12 years ago
is speed cap is 120%?
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