Critical Hit

A critical hit is an instance of an attack that deals twice the damage an ordinary hit would do. It is shown in game with a bright yellow word "CRIT". The critical chance is calculated as a probability in units of percentage points. Each weapon has its own base critical hit probability. A heatseeker add-on can increase such probability. Having better armor also improves the chance of getting a critical hit. The figure shown on the character screen is calculated as follows:

Critical = Best Weapon + Hat + Mask + Chest Armor + Legs(Best weapon from the two equipped is selected as a result of the weapon's base stat and the add-ons it has)
Shooting a drill-mech with a critical hit

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Bravo Two Admin 11 years ago
This is because critical chance is applied on every individual bullet. With more bullets per shot, the chance of seeing a critical hit is greatly increased. However, such damage is doubled on individual bullets only, which means the total damage output is not doubled all the time. Rather, it fluctuates from time to time and the average critical chance is still 12.4%.
Psychoblue2 11 years ago
Try "Beast", the best type of shotgun. You will not believe on wht you will see. Almost every shot is critical damage! (Even mentioned only 12,4% as its base crit).
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
(Base Damage + Damage Add-ons) x 2
Hydradon 12 years ago
If I add both Crit and Dmg on my crossbow and if i land a critical shot, will the damage output is {Base Damage of weapon + Damage addon}x2 OR just {base damage of weapon}x2 ???
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
So your Leviathan and Shredder are two independent pieces of weapon. If you add Power Add-on to the Leviathan, Leviathan's damage would increase. If you add Heatseeker Add-on to the Shredder, Shredder's critical chance would increase. You do not have to make the Shredder the 'best' weapon for the add-ons to take effect. What the character screen does is to display a value only. That value has nothing to do with the in-game situation when you use your Shredder instead of the Leviathan.
Scary Guns 12 years ago
According to your formula critical works only for best weapon which would be my leviathan. How do I adjust it to make shreddar my best weapon and maximize on critical.
Scary Guns 12 years ago
According to your formula of critical my understanding is if I add all power addons to leviathan and all heatseaker addons to shreddar then my shreddar takes the benefit of both? Or if I add heatseaker addons to both weapons then my shreddar would have the sum of heatseaker addons for both weapons? Please explain if both weapons go hand in hand with critical or they are two independent pieces. Thank you.
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
The figures on the character screen are for display reasons only. It simply chooses one weapon to do the calculation and only reflects the situation when you use the 'best' weapon. When you switch out to the other weapon, the stats change accordingly in-game but are not available on the character screen. So you should always add the Heatseeker add-on to the Shredder if you want to boost its critical chance.
Scary Guns 12 years ago
Does it give me a higher chance for critical for my shreddar if I add the heatseaker addons to both my weapons?
Scary Guns 12 years ago
Let's say I have a leviathan and shreddar. The best weapon would be leviathan right? And lets say I want to do critical damage with the shreddar then which weapon would I need to equip the heatseaker addons to? And does it help increase the critical damage if I add more damage power too the best weapon?
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