Door Rushing

Door rushing is a technique in coop multiplayer that involves quick movements between different mutant spawn points and aims at taking out the most number of mutants in the shortest amount of time. This is largely self-explanatory, but one should still pay attention to the specifics of the process.

To rush doors, get yourself a piece of weapon with an area of effect, such as a flamer or an RPG, then stand next to one of the entrances with the speed boost ready and start firing right before the doors open. If you are lucky, you will have killed a whole swarm of low health mutants in less than 10 seconds. However if you've chosen the wrong entrance, activate the speed boost, and get to the other entrance as fast as possible. Things do not always go your way. If you see some high health mutants coming out of the doorway, you have to react fast and escape quickly.

If you have chosen the wrong entrance, and are rushing to the right one, remember to keep a safe distance from the mutants ahead, and to stop and fire before you run into them. This allows you to get as many mutants as possible without endangering yourself.

Note that this tactic does not work with lurkers, artillery mutants, drill-mechs or contaminators. If you should encounter any of them, make sure to use the remaining part of your speed boost to get away. On the bright side this technique work wonders with the spiders.


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