Multiple Shamans

In coop multiplayer, one may face situations where multiple dark shamans come around and heal groups of mutants. When one tries to take them down, one would find that they heal each other and can never kill any one of them. The following are some suggested tactics one may apply to deal with multiple shamans.

Solo Tactics against Multiple Shamans

If you have to attack the shamans on your own (either in campaign, solo run in survival mode, or if your teammates are not cooperative), try to equip yourself with the strongest weapons and get the damage boosts ready. Run around the map and you will find the dark shamans falling behind the group of mutants. The best way to deal with the shamans is to use one-hit kills. That way, there is no chance for the shamans to do any healing. The following guide makes use of the Shredder crossbow to do one-hit kills. Depending on the level of the shamans, the tactics used are different. When there is only one dark shaman left, things would get much easier.

Level 1 Shamans
Can be taken out with good rifles
1-hit kill: Shredder
Level 2 Shamans
2-hit kill: Shredder
1-hit kill: Shredder + CRIT or Shredder + damage boost
Level 3 Shamans
1-hit kill: Shredder + CRIT + damage boost

In case you do not have a nice crossbow, you may try to move away from the dark shamans and make them follow you. The shamans cannot heal others as they move, so target one of the dark shamans and attack it as you move. The dark shaman being attacked will try to follow you while the other shamans will have to catch up with it, giving them less time to heal the targeted shaman properly, so that you will eventually take it down.

Coop Tactics against Multiple Shamans

To make things easier, try to get your teammates to help you. Things can get much better if the players cooperate and target a dark shaman to take it down. Look at which dark shaman your teammates are shooting at and put your bullets on it. This way, a multiple-hit kill can be achieved with ease.

If you would like to prevent the dark shamans from healing each other, try to draw their attention to different players and seperate them. The dark shamans would attack the ones who are in range when they are not healing the mutants. So approach a dark shaman and make it target you, and have your teammates draw the attention of the other shamans. Then you can move away from your teammates to lure the dark shamans apart.

Multiple Shamans and Multiple Mutants

Sometimes there are just too many mutants that one cannot approach the dark shamans without taking a severe damage. If this is the case, just try to take out the surrounding mutants first becasue you may damage some mutants more quickly than the shamans can heal. If possible, run around the map and let the mutants chase you so that the dark shamans cannot catch up to heal them.


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