Fire Coating Add-on

The fire coating add-on allows one to set the enemy on fire and burn it for a while. A burning enemy is shown with flames covering his body and his health would decrease over a duration of 3 seconds. This add-on gives the same effect as the fire coming from a crocodylian or a flamer. If a target is hit multiple times with fire damage the duration is refreshed every time the target is hit, and any duration left when refreshing the fire damage is lost. Multiple fire coating add-ons stack into one more powerful fire damage but the duration (3 seconds) stays unchanged. If the enemy is burnt and poisoned at the same time, the fire would cover the green shade but the effect of the poison would still remain.

The fire coating add-on may seem to provide better damage increases than the power add-on but such a fire damage takes time. The damage displayed on fire coating add-ons is the total amount of damage applied over the 3 second duration. The fire coating add-on works best on slow firing weapons as less duration is lost when the next shot hits and refreshes the duration.

The Fire Coating I add-on has to be unlocked by a treasure found in the secret chests.

The Fire Coating II add-on preview

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Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
That depends on the weapons you use. Sometimes having more of the same type of add-ons could be useful. For example, using Poison IV add-on and Poison III add-on together allows you to slow down an enemy by 45%. Regarding the Fire Coating add-on, it is best used on the slow firing weapons so as to use the duration to its full potential. Maybe you can specify the weapons you use since it really affects the choice of add-ons.
Voidstropic 12 years ago
What are the 3 best add ons to use? All IV ok :)
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
You have to find the secret chest in Chapter 1 Part IV: Belly of the Beast. Check out the secret chests page for the solution.
SebaSoloLaLazio 12 years ago
how to unlock the Fire Coating I???
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