The weapons in Bullet Time are the primary means of attacking the mutants. Weapons can be bought in the store with silver or crystals. To access the store, swipe right on the main menu until you see the buy weapons page. Some weapons are unlocked only when the player reaches a certain level. Usually the best weapons can only be bought with crystals and these weapons do not require a minimum player level.

Each weapon has its own base stats regarding its damage ability and critical chance. The damage stat refers to the damage output per second given by the weapon. Different weapons also have different number of slots for add-ons to improve their ability. Better weapons have higher damage and critical chance and more slots for add-ons. A color scheme is used to indicate the weapon tier. A weapon with its name in orange is of the highest tier, followed by those in purple, blue, green and white (default).

In Bullet Time, any players have infinite ammo and they do not have to buy it separately. Although there is no concern for ammo conservation, the character would slow down to aim while shooting. Even for guns that require quite some time to reload, holding down the shoot button would keep the character in slow motion. This issue leads to the view of running and gunning with certain types of weapon.

The Predator rifle as the primary weapon
Classes of Weapons

There are 7 different classes of weapons in Bullet Time, each with its own characteristics. Pistols, rifles and shotguns are classified into a broader group called guns.


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Mowglithemaniac Admin 7 years ago
According to the game, I have spent 2127 crystals, i've been around since before they released the death knight armor, and now I have Urban, Dust Devil, Death Knight and paladin armor, all 4 complete sets of armors, chestpiece, pants and masks, but even with all that this game is not freemium without the possibility to get more crystals, so as long as you keep playing, you can get more crystals.
SUPER*BEAST 7 years ago
I think that we should be able to sell weapons and armor we bought with crystals because there are new wepones being added all the time and once we buy the new weapons our old weapons are usseless.
Bravo Two Admin 7 years ago
I don't think the rate of fire of RPGs will change after an update. Higher tiers RPGs have higher fire rates and I expect this to stay the same in the future.
TanFon 7 years ago
Thank you for your advice. I have something to ask that the fire rate of RPG will not change right no matter what if there update its still fast as the same right ? I afraid that it can change to be lower and it will not good. Thank you :-)
Bravo Two Admin 7 years ago
The Behemoth has a decent fire rate and extreme range and it is good to use it in combination with the Nine-Inch. You can use the Behemoth for both long-range and close-range attacks and it well serves the purpose of crowd control.

Kiloo Games have just submitted Subway Surfers to Apple. Trailers and launch are coming soon.
TanFon 7 years ago
Now I wait to see subway surfer too because I love kiloo :-) Thank you so much Admin for information ,you think I should buy a weapon right? For now I have nine inch so next weapon should I buy Behemoth? Thank you again for your kind. Is there have another way to contact to you directly? If there have new update please tell me. Thank you again :-)
Bravo Two Admin 7 years ago
There has not been an update yet but if there is one, it will come with new weapons for sure. Kiloo Games are currently releasing 3 new games for the year, the first and second being Subway Surfers™ and Frisbee® Forever 2. It is not known what the third one is yet. All info we have now is that Kiloo Games are still evaluating Bullet Time at the moment. Form our experince, even if you purchase a piece of weapon from the previous version, it is still good enough for most situations, even if you are aiming for a high score in coop multiplayer. So it is not a bad idea to buy a weapon now.
TanFon 7 years ago
Hi there, I want to know about new update with new stuff because I have to plan to use my crystals carefully. So if threre have or not have recently new update please tell me so I can decide to buy a weapon. Thank you very much :-)
Bravo Two Admin 7 years ago
Regarding the very first question asked by akisnm156, we have got a clarification from a game designer at Kiloo that a Fire Coating Add-on works best on slow firing weapons due to the duration reset (see Fire Coating Add-on for details). So as for the Predator rifle, we should better use the Power Add-ons instead of the Fire Coating Add-ons.
Bravo Two Admin 7 years ago
Probably not. The ones further from the center of explosion seem to receive less damage. But if you use a poison add-on, all of them seem to slow down the same.
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