The crossbow is a low fire rate, long-ranged weapon with penetrating power, capable of taking out serveral mutants in a row. The crossbow requires a high degree of precision and is meant to be used by experienced players. When used correctly, the crossbow can deal the greatest damage in a single shot. When the player line up with the mutants to take them out in a row with the crossbow, the first mutant takes more damage than the one behind and so on.

The crossbow has the highest damage per shot among all classes of weapons although it takes a long time to reload. Its movement speed during shooting is close to that of pistols (the pistols have a flexibility advantage of 25% over the crossbows) but one can release the shoot button during the reload to move faster. This weapon is an excellent secondary weapon for experienced users, best suited for running and gunning in coop multiplayer. It is rather hard, though not impossible, to use such a weapon in free-for-all deathmatch because of its low rate of fire.

All players holding crossbows in coop multiplayer

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Psychoblue2 11 years ago
Apollon is great! I agree, definitely.

Menipo : I saw many invitation from you, but I can't join due to failed connection. Its pissing me a lot :(
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
I love crossbows too, but I started out with a rifle. At first, it was so tricky to manage the crossbow and I missed the shot a lot. It takes a lot of practice to use it well. I practised the aim with crossbows in campaign because the targets would not dodge your shots, and I played with a rifle in deathmatch since it is harder to hit a real player. I only use the crossbow in deathmatch after I have mastered it in campaign. No one starts out with an Apollon and many new players are frustrated with the crossbow. It takes time to learn the basic usage of the crossbows and much more to understand the power of this type of weapon. I want the new players to learn about the importance of crossbows over time, not to hate it right at the beginning.
Menipo 12 years ago
Everyone loves crossbows. I see many beginners, as well, carrying the basic crossbows when they play Deathmatch. Maybe they have a low rate of fire, but if you manage to get a target from time to time and the other player is not well armoured, they are devastating. From what I see, those carring Gojiras, Scorpions, Harbingers, etc. are easy preys for Apolloners knowing how to use them. Rgds.
Bravo Two Admin 12 years ago
That's very true, and that's very hard too. This guide is written for beginners and average players and I have to warn them about the possible difficulties they may encounter. The crossbows have always been the type of weapons for advanced players.
Menipo 12 years ago
BT: you said "It is rather hard, though not impossible, to use such a weapon in free-for-all deathmatch because of its low rate of fire." Talking from experience, I see that 99% of the top players, when playing in Deathmatch, use the Apollon crossbow as primary weapon and use it 99% of the time. Rgds
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