A flamer, or a flamethrower, is a short-ranged weapon that deals fire damage over an area. It is the only type of weapon capable of fire damage without the fire coating add-on. An enemy hit with the flamer would burn for a while, taking damage over time. The fire damage from a flamer lasts for 3 seconds. If a target is hit multiple times by the flamer the duration is refreshed every time the target is hit. Durations do not stack, so any duration left when refreshing the fire damage is lost. The movement speed during its use is relatively low among all classes of weapons (the pistols have a flexibility advantage of 500% over the flamers).

The flamer is suitable for close-ranged battles against groups of mutants, especially wasps and gloom bringer minions. Some players would use the flamer in combination with poison add-ons to slow down the mutants that come too close to them, effectively creating a fire barrier between them.

Running and gunning with the flamer is a viable option. Since the fire attack takes time, doing so would allow you to maximize the effect of fire, while remaining mobile.

Using a flamer

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Menipo 9 years ago
Many thanks. So.... you go for the RPG if I can read between línes ... It makes sense. I try not to get surrounded but when reviving a pal sometimes it is unavoidable. I will follow your advice.

From what you said the Gojira seems to be a sort of Panzer. Advance witout much damage is guaranteed, but little fun .... I will not save 500 crystals for that. Thanks again.
Bravo Two Admin 9 years ago
What I think is that you should not get surrounded in the first place. You should run and gun to avoid getting surrounded. Speaking of crowd control, the Behemoth allows you to shoot further away while the Phoenix is for close-range attack only. And the Phoenix tends to keep you rather stationary as you will be easily tempted to hold down the shoot button when you use a flamer, and the move speed when you fire the flamer is relatively low (the pistols have a 500% move speed advantage over the flamers). But the flamers are more capable of dealing with kamikaze-caterpillars, and would be useful in later waves of coop multiplayer. But keep in mind that running and gunning with the flamer requires a lot more skills than with the RPG. The Gojira is more suitable for campaign than coop multiplayer. Very few people can master that weapon and It is not a good weapon for running and gunning (it requires the use of a lot of speed boosts).
Menipo 9 years ago
As the secondary, to be used when one is surrounded by thousands of mutants, would you recommend the Behemoth or the Phoenix? And another question: is the Gojira worth the almost 500 crystals that it costs? What does it? Thks in advance.
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