The weapons in Bullet Time are the primary means of attacking the mutants. Weapons can be bought in the store with silver or crystals. To access the store, swipe right on the main menu until you see the buy weapons page. Some weapons are unlocked only when the player reaches a certain level. Usually the best weapons can only be bought with crystals and these weapons do not require a minimum player level.

Each weapon has its own base stats regarding its damage ability and critical chance. The damage stat refers to the damage output per second given by the weapon. Different weapons also have different number of slots for add-ons to improve their ability. Better weapons have higher damage and critical chance and more slots for add-ons. A color scheme is used to indicate the weapon tier. A weapon with its name in orange is of the highest tier, followed by those in purple, blue, green and white (default).

In Bullet Time, any players have infinite ammo and they do not have to buy it separately. Although there is no concern for ammo conservation, the character would slow down to aim while shooting. Even for guns that require quite some time to reload, holding down the shoot button would keep the character in slow motion. This issue leads to the view of running and gunning with certain types of weapon.

The Predator rifle as the primary weapon
Classes of Weapons

There are 7 different classes of weapons in Bullet Time, each with its own characteristics. Pistols, rifles and shotguns are classified into a broader group called guns.


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Bravo Two Admin 8 years ago
The flamer isn't effective against all mutants. Different weapons serve different purposes. The flamer is better against groups of mutants of low health. You level up by gaining experience points. You can read more here: Player Level.
|TEXAS*KILLA| 8 years ago
So do you level up faster with a higher gear score or what?
|TEXAS*KILLA| 8 years ago
Ok is it effective against all mutants?
Bravo Two Admin 8 years ago
I would give Prometheus a try.
|TEXAS*KILLA| 8 years ago
I have 375 crystals. what should I do buy the Cyclone, Prometheus or should i just save my money to buy the Eastwood hat. Little help .....
Mowglithemaniac Admin 8 years ago
Actually, I believe the best gun to have in deathmatch, is the RPG, with all poison add-ons, then all you have to do, is get as close to your opponents as possible, when firing, and they can't get away from you.
But that is considered cheating, or atleast frowned upon.
Bravo Two Admin 8 years ago
The best gun to get you started: rifle; the best gun to help you master the game: crossbow; the best gun to have in deathmatch: shotgun.
Jake77 8 years ago
What do u guys think the best gun is
SUPER*BEAST 8 years ago
By playing in coop mode, each time u play it and u finish all the waves it gives u around 14 to 25 crystals. And if there is no one on line u can play solo. With the nine inch u can get past the penultimate wave but with the new apollon u can get past all the waves by urself but make sure u have good armor.
Jake77 8 years ago
Hey super beast how did u get so many crystal
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